Hi there!  I'm Tashizelle

International Elite Tantric Companion | Based in Miami

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Tantric GFE Companionship

Welcome to my exclusive blend of Tantric Insight and Upscale Companionship.

I am Tashizelle Monroe, Miami's newest snowbird, and New York City's Elite Tantric Escort.

I am elegant, edgy, fun, profound, with a smile you might just fall in love with.

You will leave wondering why you feel simultaneously calm, yet energized.

You might think it is just good vibes. I can't argue there.

With me you can experience an unrushed Traditional GFE, or my unique fiery fusion, The Ultimate Tantric GFE.

What is a Tantric GFE? You may familiarize yourself here, or know that upon your request, I might introduce you to one of my uniquely crafted Tantric Meditations that will quiet your mind in less than 2 minutes. I know it sounds unreal, but you will see. Can you imagine what is evoked when you have zero stresses on your mind?

Is this a Tantra Massage? No, I do not offer massage. I have lived in 8 countries and spent 10 years of my adult life traveling throughout the East, including India, studying with various Enlightened Masters, Yogis and Healers.

Want to become a Tantric Lover? Many have come to love my life-changing, body enhancing, non-intimate 6-week Tantric Man Training Online catered specifically to the needs of successful and connected businessmen.

Desiring a travel partner? I am the perfect sophisticated siren. I am culturally sensitive, and well-versed in most bustling metropolises of the world, as well as many remote and exotic locations worldwide.

I also reside in Barcelona, Athens and Mumbai some parts of the year, so feel free to contact me if you live in Europe, the UK, or in Asia. With pleasure I will come to you, or you to me.

So, shall we make pleasant memories, or pleasant Tantric memories?

I look forward to your introduction, and spending many sultry and soulful moments with you.

International Escort Elite
Ultimate Tantric GFE
ID 327033 | P261830


Quick Facts

38 -27 -38 in
96 -68 -99 cm

5 ft 4 in
164 cm


have lived in
8 countries

Nationality American


36D Natural

1 -can cover on request

Want Me In Your City?

All You Have To Do Is Ask

India + Singapore
Dec + Jan 2024!

Finalizing dates for Mumbai, New Delhi and Singapore as we speak. Email me to request specific dates.


Overnights Prioritized

Always Traveling!
Might Be In Your City

Feel free to email me and check my whereabouts.

Fly Me To You

With an 8-Hour date minimum in the USA, and 1-Day minimum in the UK and EU, I am excited to make special memories with you.  Get in touch.