Tantric Sex nowadays can be an Art, a Path, or a Tool couples can utilize to rekindle their relationship, build a closer sense of togetherness, find deeper connection within themselves as individuals, have steamer more passionate longer lasting sex, and/or reach transcendental states of being through lovemaking.

When imagining Tantric Sex, many will reference Sting and Tantra, the Kama Sutra, or a book or workshop they came across.

A few will instead mention a sheer calling that they cannot quite explain, drawing them towards Tantra. 

This latter type typically finds me.





Many begin by googling the topic, and find a book or workshop to attend.

Most times, an individual will begin studying Tantra in the form of Breathing Techniques and/or Meditations to practice.

Before you know it, they are inspired and continue to search for more and more Tantra, connection and depth.

They might learn spiritual techniques, sexual techniques, conscious communication, consent, techniques to last longer in bed, methods to orgasm while not ejaculating thus becoming multi-orgasmic, and more.

All these are great and important. I meet many such people, some even who have been studying Tantra for a decade or more with a full ambition and pure desire to have the most elevated lovemaking interaction and spiritual depth possible in their lives.

Yet, for some reason, they have not changed, their life hasn’t changed, and their mindset remains the same. Sure they are accessing more pleasure, but maybe not more Inner Freedom, and most times are not coming close to touching the Mysticism, Power, Transformational Essence and Full Potential of Tantra.

Without getting too much into the differences of what it feels like and looks like when a Tantra study lacks core foundations…

I will take the leap for my readers and fans here, and jump to a key importance and a main ingredient that makes Tantra “work”.




A woman’s heart energy is the KEY ingredient in Tantra and Tantric Lovemaking. PERIOD.


Many tend to believe they are doing Tantra all day long, yet they are absolutely not doing Tantra.

No matter how many techniques you know, no matter the Tantra system you want to explore as two people together…

The ugly truth no one wants to hear is that there is absolutely zero Tantra happening unless a woman’s heart energy is open.

My apologies for this heteronormative tone. It is also possible for without a female partner!

A Tantric Escort or High Tantric Practitioner, knows how to facilitate an opening of the heart energy, so that vibration is in the room creating a Tantric environment for elevated Tantric Intimacy to occur.

Without the heart energy present, it is like trying to bake a soufflé without an oven. It will simply never become a soufflé! No matter how many perfect ingredients you put in the soufflé, a.k.a., no matter how many Tantric Techniques you know, you will never be able to bake the soufflé, or have Tantric Sex!


If I were training others to become Tantric Professionals for example, this is where we would begin, since in my opinion it is an advanced Tantric Key Secret, and much needed to bring through depth, transformation, connection and healing.

Yet, as a Partner, you also need to embody certain characteristics.


tantric sex coach



Even if you know nothing about Tantra, and you are two people simply in love,

Your lovemaking might be naturally more Tantric than those applying Tantric Techniques.

That is because you need a woman’s heart energy first, then Tantric skills for your lovemaking to “feel Tantric.”


Alternatively, should you be in the presence of a Tantric Woman or a Tantric Escort that has mastered the sensual-spiritual domain, chances are THERE WILL BE ACTUAL TANTRA HAPPENING, if you are an easy-going, open-minded, respectful Partner, with no expectations.


In either case, as a Partner you play a big role.

Typically, a healthy happy person has robust heart energy.

Other people can “ruin” that momentarily when they behave in ways that makes the other person “compress”and close their heart energy.

So the focus many times does not need to be on “opening” someone’s heart energy (unless we are specifically talking about Tantric Bedroom Rituals)…

But instead, on not “ruining” the amazing heart energy already there to access.

So the main question becomes two-fold:

Can you be present during lovemaking without a headful of performance pressures (this is Tantra 101), and know how to make your Partner feel good all day long when you are not in the bedroom, hence energizing your Partner’s heart throughout daily life (because foreplay takes all day!)?

If so, then you have unlocked the Magic Key, and have what it takes to move towards learning the science and art of Tantric Sex.


However, if you are like most people, and have many thoughts running through your head while engaged in a sexual activity, then the first Tantric Techniques you would need to learn so that you develop a strong Foundation in Tantra and Tantric Understanding, are not anything “fancy” and marketed to you such as non-ejaculation techniques, but instead Techniques that silence thoughts and evoke more of your presence in your body.

Learn those Tantric Techniques first instead and you will see the ‘non-ejaculation yet still orgasming goal’ happen automatically as it requires a silent mind. Make sense? Strong Foundations are key and may actually lead you to accessing a Fuller Depth that Tantra has to offer.

Tantra Massages or an appropriate Tantric Training can very much help you achieve the mental relaxation required to fully enjoy any experience with another person, as well as, bring forth much positivity and evolution in all aspects of life, not solely in the bedroom.

Creating bedroom rituals that facilitate a heart opening in a way that is natural for you, is also covered during my 6-week online training, because, in case your Partner is not Tantric, you can be!

So ask yourself:

  • Do you really know what Tantra looks like, and feels like, when it is actually happening?
  • Are the Tantra Techniques that which make your lovemaking Tantric?
  • Does not ejaculating when you orgasm automatically make it Tantric sex?

Probably… not.

Do you know what it feels like when your Woman’s heart is completely open and you are present in every moment?

I hope so!

Some call this a flow-state, some call it hot sex.

Tantrics simply refer to it as prerequisites to Tantric Sex.


P.S. I train couples too. Write me. I am eager to help you experience maximum pleasure!


Yours truly,

T. Monroe

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