I’ve been studying Tantra, sacred sexuality, and spiritual mechanics for 15 years.

I didn’t learn it as an Escort. I learned it as a Woman.

It is simply who I am – endlessly fascinated by how spirit becomes manifest.

Becoming a Tantric Escort, was simply one byproduct of this first love.

Most of us love sex. We love it for the pleasure, the anticipation, the power, the surrender, the release, the connection, the fun, the bliss, the ecstasy…


And at some point, we will all have to come to terms with sex’s inherent spiritual nature, and sanctify it (which is an actual mechanic that all my online students learn and greatly benefit from).


No matter how dirty, hard, fast, slow, sweet, you prefer your lovemaking today or tomorrow, there are supernatural layers to the body, that want to come out and play. That is where I come in.


Some approach Tantra for the promise of:

  • Longer orgasms
  • Stronger orgasms
  • More orgasms
  • More heart
  • More pleasure
  • More connection
  • More spirituality
  • More soul


I’ll make it easy on you.

Then you just need more of your body’s layers involved.


It is that simple.


If you know how to access those layers of your body, then they can come out to play, and bring you more and unimaginable pleasure.


In my presence, I help you evoke those, so that you feel more, more, and more.


In my online training classes, you learn to evoke those for yourself, become a Tantric Lover, and expand every corner, need, and desire in your life.


At the end of the day, nothing is a mystery, it is just good old spiritual mechanics.


This has been my deep-dive for 15 years, in the bedroom, in dance, and in business.


All are the same mechanic of how spirit becomes manifest.


There is no need to read 100 Tantra books to learn this, and in fact, the books will not share with you the esoteric knowledge that is the key in sacred sexuality, or ensure you are pouring the correct spiritual mechanics into YOUR specific body.


The only way to actually learn Tantra, is with a deep-dive of a customized daily, deep, and accurate practice, coupled with expert guidance!


Then give it 10 years of practice before you truly understand it.

Upscale Tantra Escort & Coach - New York City, London, Barcelona

P.S. I train couples too, and I am excited to pave your path into legit and uncreepy sacred sexuality. Write me! 


With total soul,

Tashizelle Monroe

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This was visceral and all encompassing. “How the F am I getting so turned on?” I would think. My yoni would turn into hot fire and my mouth would start to salivate. Literally I’d be almost drooling in the taxis, wondering how I’m going to get out of this situation.