You might be thinking, “Wow! Tell me how!” or “Is that even possible?” or “What are chakras, and what do they have to do with sex or Tantric sex?”  

The same way you have a heart, lungs and stomach organs that you can see and feel in your physical anatomy, your chakras are in your energy body, which is one layer outside of your physical body and surrounds you like a glove. That body of energy has organs, too: your chakras!  

Your chakras are indeed the stable organs of your energetic anatomy. They hold your thoughts, feelings, emotions, aspirations and genius, and reflect those thoughts, feelings, emotions, aspirations and genius back into your physical body, and generate the power to express all of those in your life.   Engaging, understanding and familiarizing yourself with the energetic aspects of your body are the foundations of Tantric sex.

Having the ability to tune into your chakras during lovemaking leads to heightened pleasure, increased intimacy between you and your partner no matter your gender preference, and the direct experience of deeply expansive spiritual states of awareness.

Sound good to you?  If that isn’t enough, getting to know your energy body increases your self-awareness. With ease, you will connect to who you truly are, be tuned into your intuition and inner guidance, develop the inner faith and courage to make big leaps and changes in your life, and have the foresight and determination to go after and achieve your goals.  

This takes your energy! Not the type of energy you get from food, not the type of energy you get from other people, but the energy you access and discover within yourself.   Your chakra energy surrounds you and it is in you. What is needed is ancient science to help you find it and connect to it.  


If you are a professional man, you can learn this online with me in my 6-week Tantric Man Online Course.  

As a couple, I can train you. All you have to do is email me.  


So let’s break down 5 methods you can start using today to connect to your energy body and chakras.  

You can use these methods to create a romantic and exploratory evening for yourself and your lover the next time you have a date night, or when you are spending time with yourself to rejuvenate your body, remove stress and get familiar with your energetic terrain.  

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5 Key Steps To Accessing Your Chakras During Tantric Sex


1. Meditate Alone First

Before you intentionally connect your energy body in bed with another, you must get to know it first. Every morning before you get out of bed, or when you arrive to work and are still in your car or in front of your desk, or in the evening right when you get home …

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes.
  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor with your spine completely straight.
  • Close your eyes, and begin by telling yourself that you can drop all the stresses and thoughts in your head for 5 minutes, and that they will still be there for you to handle when you return.
  • Pick a point on your body — maybe a major chakra point, or a point where you feel pain or discomfort, or anywhere else you want.
  • Focus your mind on that point for the whole 5 minutes as best you can. When your mind wanders into other thoughts or memories, it’s OK. Just come back to the point you picked: Don’t switch to another point in the body.

For now, this tug of war between staying in the feeling of your body and your mind chiming in to interrupt is what you will call “meditation.”

2. Play Chakra Music During Lovemaking

This can get tricky in the beginning, so make sure you follow these instructions exactly:

  • Pick only ONE chakra song from the Internet or your favorite CD.
  • Choose a song without lyrics. Not a guided meditation with words.
  • Put it on instant replay over and over again for the whole duration of your lovemaking. Trust me, it will not be boring.
  • If it is a Heart Chakra song for example, find out where that point is on your body, and bring your attention to that point as much as you can, or as much as it makes sense, during lovemaking.

This will continue to expand your awareness of your energy body and chakra sensation — and will lead to more sensual pleasure.

3. Stay Focused

You know the saying, “Energy flows where attention goes”?Many people admit that their mind wanders while having sex, or they start thinking about their to-do list for the next day. Chances are, the same experience happens in your mind while practicing meditation.  An untrained mind will wander, which will rob you from feeling all of your senses, feeling your total body, feeling your total energy and feeling total pleasure.  The more you can teach your mind to stay focused on what is actually happening, the more pleasure you can harness and control within your body, and the more energy you will feel inside yourself.   This is the energy that carries multi-orgasmic possibilities. Your mind must be on it — not somewhere else in dreamland.  Are you starting to see how all of this connects? Can you see the connection between how your mind affects your body’s energy and your ability to feel it?  


4. PAUSE To Refocus

To continue training your mind to stay engaged in your body’s pleasure, I suggest making an agreement with your partner that you are both working on this together. It is normal for most people’s minds to wander off, so neither party needs to be offended.Allow one another to PAUSE every time you catch your mind wandering.

  • Just hold your hand up.
  • Say something like, “One a second, I have to bring my mind back.”
  • Inhale and exhale one time. If you wish, close your eyes as you take that one breath.
  • Bring the focus back to your chosen chakra, and continue feeling the pleasure in your body.

If this sounds weird, know that it actually only sounds weird as you read about it. When you incorporate this pause during lovemaking, it will feel completely natural to take that moment to express that you need time to refocus. This practice will continue to reshape your mind’s capacity to accept maximum pleasure, help you become more energetically sensitive, feel the energy within your chakras, and bring that multi-orgasmic ability to the forefront of your experience.

5. Allow New Emotion During Sex

There’s another agreement I suggest making with your committed partner beforehand: Allow one another the space to feel whatever emotions come up, and support each other in those. Recognizing and feeling lots of newfound energy within your body can lead to tears, laughter, screams, singing and much more. The feelings you feel might be completely new every time, and that can be scary.  

Make an agreement beforehand that is accepting of anything embarrassing or weird that might happen, so that no one is having sex in fear-mode. This allows free flow of energy and emotions to be felt and released, while removing energetic blocks in your system and expanding your orgasmic body’s capacity to feel.  

Hope this blog opens some new engaging conversations in your life, and many more meaningful encounters.  


Yours truly,


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