You’ve Heard of The Girlfriend Experience, But Have You Heard of My 1-Day Immersive Couple’s Tantra Bedroom Priestess Experience?

For those of you that don’t know me, hi I’m Tashizelle Monroe. A spiritual practitioner and Tantric Expert for 15 years, and the creator of the Original Tantric Girlfriend Experience (Tantra GFE).

Tantric Girlfriend Beginnings


Tantra GFE has been my domain the past 7 years.

This realm of International experience allowed me opportunity to apply all that I had learned and studied, throughout the world, spanning across all culture, body types, range of desire, spiritual backgrounds and pleasure mindsets, to find the core of spiritual energy and Tantra. 

Meaning, my challenge was, “How can I make this person feel something new when he has zero background in energy and spirituality, in one hour?”

I asked myself that everyday for 7 years, and thus developed endless ways to achieve that.

I distilled the science of Tantra into bite-sized pieces.

I did not water it down – I drilled it down to its very core.

That core is easily transferable, felt, and acknowledged.

It can lead to more pleasure, and a multitude of awakenings.

As you can sense, I love teaching the depths of Tantra, and introducing men to the Art and Science of Tantra in a holistic, accessible and integrated way.

Welcome to my Art.

A retreat style tantra girlfriend experience for the spiritual aspirant.

The below are time-tested, and fully-transformational Online Programs and Experiences. They are not a fad, and I did not learn Tantra yesterday and attempt to teach it thereafter.

With that said, I’m here to help you create full transformations, and the below is how I do it.


Tantric Man Online Training


Before one can make sense of my Bedroom Priestess Experience, one needs to understand the purpose and possibilities of my Tantric Man Online Training Program. When you study online with me, you will be immersed in these topics:

  • How to access spiritual energy, inside and outside the bedroom
  • Learn the Body, yours and your partners, in a completely different way
  • Discover your own unique spiritual lover blueprint and innate lovemaking gift and style
  • How it all relates to a 6-step system of Tantric Sex
  • In-depth PhD-level Tantric Science Philosophy, Goddess Creative Energy, Applicable & Experiential Art!

I say all this because, if I asked you for really good sex tonight, your mind would rolodex endless ideas of what that might look like.

However, if I ask you for really good Tantric Sex tonight, your mind would not be able to conceive of it in any practical way.

This is not your fault – we are simply not trained to connect in this way.

The fact is, Tantric Sex to your mind is like a country you’ve never visited. You don’t know what it looks like or how it works.

A google search would fail you, confuse you, and definitely not take you far enough to make a measurable, applicable and consistent shift in your life and bedroom experience. That is literally WHY I am here!

You might tell me about the one or two times you had an out-of this-world experience, yet the fact is, you don’t have the tools to understand what happened, and thus cannot replicate that experience again AT WILL…let alone with ANY BODY.

My Online Tantric Man Training will take you from Tantric Science to Tantric Sex. It will not happen overnight, but it WILL happen.    

What is The Bedroom Priestess Experience?


In short, it is a retreat-style, 1-day minimum, for Spiritual Aspirants.

If you have been wanting to get away from the constant busyness of life, and dive deep into your spirituality with an expert in Tantra as your guide…

Then my Bedroom Priestess Experience is for you…and unfound anywhere else.

Imagine all day attention on your spiritual and physical expansion via tantric meditation, tantric practices and tantric rituals.

Picture waking up, and starting your day with:

  • A 2-hour Tantra and Meditation Practice to elevate your entire being
  • Followed by a 2-hour elevated energy Tantra Ritual for you and your husband
  • I set this up for you, then let you be 🙂
  • Then we do it again in the evening, going even deeper into pleasure channels and Ritual Experiences as they were performed in ancient Egypt and India.

As you can see, Bedroom Priestess is for spiritual aspirants that can handle intensity in all its forms…

And it is best fit if you have embarked on significant experience with me in my Tantric Man Online Training.

You will not be the same after 1 to 5 days of the Bedroom Priestess Experience with me.

Tantra GFE vs. Bedroom Priestess Experience


In short, Tantra GFE is so 2017. Evolution Happens.

Tantra GFE is shorter in length, thus allowing Tantric aspects only to be “sprinkled” throughout our time together, with no assurance if anything will “stick”.

I would say that Tantra GFE, although it is very fun and encapsulating in spiritual ways, it did not not represent my full capacity as an offering, and so I wanted to create the space to express more of my talents, expertise and spiritual energy.

Thus, my Bedroom Priestess Experience is very 2023.

I actually began offering it 4 years ago as an extension of Tantra GFE, and soon realized that something was missing.

The men needed to be trained in an actual, intelligent, customized, daily manner.

So instead, I created my Tantric Man Online Program, and it took flight (no joke, it is always sold out).

After 4 years of Training Men Online, I finally realized where Bedroom Priestess fits in the larger picture.

With that said, I am re-introducing my Bedroom Priestess Experience as you see here today.

Not as a Tantric GFE extension, but rather, its own integrated deep spiritual retreat for loving couples.

Come enjoy an entirely new realm of possibility with my 1-day minimum, 5-day maximum, retreat-style, ancient pleasure journey, that will immerse you into a new world of pleasure, performance and spiritual depth.

I think you are ready for it.

Everything shared will “stick” and translate into your everyday life.

Furthermore, it might be the KEY to what you have been looking for, but didn’t know where to begin looking.

I felt a spark when writing that.

If anything you have read here today makes you feel a spark also, reach out to me today.

We will schedule a Tantric Man Online or Couple’s Introductory Session on a video call, and take it from there.  

Looking forward to possibly meeting you.


    Yours truly, Tashizelle Monroe

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