The Online Tantra Training That Will Transform You Into A Tantric Man & Expert Lover

With 6-weeks of spirituality, eroticism,
hard science and soul 1:1

Become A Tantric Man Online

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This Training is extremely popular due to its effectiveness.

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6-Week Online Training

Become A Tantric Man From Head To Soul

My Become a Tantric Man Online Coaching is a multiple-6-week, live-online, PG-rated, Ph.D.-like, sacred sexuality training for men who want to:

  • Last longer in bed
  • Go more than once
  • Get out of their head
  • Relax false notions of dominance
  • Feel more pleasure than ever before
  • Learn ancient Tantric Meditation Techniques
  • Desire a spiritual understanding of sexuality
  • Lengthen and strengthen their orgasmic power
  • Incorporate their unique spiritual self into lovemaking
  • Touch the supernatural layers of sensuality aka feminine energy
  • Become a Tantric Lover naturally not mechanically from the inside out
  • Have a successful daily meditation practice of 10 minutes or more, even if they have failed to meditate in the past.
  • Have this daily practice completely customized for your body's energetic blueprint which will, in fact, guarantee, you get to your bedroom goals.

...for consciousness expansion's sake.

6-Weeks Online

For Beginners & Advanced

Tantra these days can be an Experience, an Art, or a Path.

What I bring to the table that is unique, is its seamless integration, in a way that will make sense to you, your love-life and beyond.

While most Tantra Trainings for Men love to focus on making you last long, because it is so easy to sell a solution to an insecurity, that is not really the point. And anyway, if you are going to do that, do it right. More on that later. (See "Weekend" on the price chart below.)

You most likely attended Tantra workshops, read a few books, or have researched online.

You were possibly given a head-full of instructions, and a set of 10 things to do during sex so you can force yourself to be Tantric, and last longer, or not ejaculate, which resulted in you being more and more in your head.

This perpetuated any disconnect you may already between mind and body, as well as, the body and spirit connection, making you even more stressed out, and wondering if you can "do" Tantra.

If you were honest with yourself, you are probably not feeling as much pleasure as you would like, and feeling less and less like yourself every time you attend a workshop and then try to apply it in real life.

Could you even apply it in real-time, in a way that did not freak her out, or did the workshop just spark momentary inspiration while you were there?

This is not the story you want, and I can help elevate it.

Or maybe this is not your experience. Maybe you have experienced the positive sides of Tantra and Tantric teachings only, had an amazing time, and want to learn more. Great!

Maybe you simply were looking for more depth, skipped the workshops, and found me here today. Even better!

No matter if you are completely new to the subject, or 10 years deep into it, you will greatly benefit from a customized 6-week study online with me.

If you are completely new to Tantra, you are in the right place, as you can avoid many tricky diversions and pitfalls when working with an expert, access pleasure and spiritual energy directly instead of toying with workshop "ice-breakers," and gain a solid foundation that will help make sense of any other spiritual or energetic study you embark upon in the future.

If you have been studying Tantra for years or even decades, you may have noticed the gaps, possibly some inner angst, or are simply are ready for more.

If your studies haven't focused directly on integrating light into the bedroom, or if your practices weren't custom-made for your body, humbly, you need this Training.

As you can see, I am a Top Companion, and thus, do not need to market Tantra in backwards ways to sell it to you, nor do I need to be training you for any other reason than, I simply cannot be solely an observer of the numerous incorrect methods and mindsets taught by others.

Many teachings are harming people either directly or indirectly, and so I teach. If everyone else was doing a good job, I would not spend the time teaching.

Yet overall, I found I LOVE it, and love watching my online clients live in ultimate freedom, pleasure and self-knowing. 

Exploring this path is purely rewarding when set appropriately from the inside out, and I cannot wait to show you.

My Unique Approach

3 Levels To Mastery

My intensely customized curriculum is created to suit your goals and desires, with the aim of transforming you into a Tantric Lover.

In short, we integrate your own spirituality into your own sexual playing field, on top of an iron-strong Tantric Science Foundation.


Level 1 focuses on His and Hers Orgasmic Power.

    • You will learn the universal science of how Tantra works, energize your lower body, understand myths about retention, see a shift in your orgasmic power, and start your journey towards how it feels to have more energy down below and throughout your entire body. You see will the shift in the gym and in the bedroom already. Also you will learn the 8 ways a woman can orgasm, and learn to shut your mind off completely and be in the space of ultimate carefree pleasure. Does that sound so amazing already? It is!


Level 2 focuses on Executive Mind Power.

    • I know everyone wants to jump to Tantric Sex, however there is a body mechanic we need to train. Here you will be training in more advanced KEY stages in retention, lasting longer, and/or going multiple times with ejaculating or not. We do not force - we train the body and the body responds as is naturally gifted to do. Each man is different. You will experience an overabundance of energy, and you will see it spill over into your workplace. This could look like anything from communicating better, addressing conflicts from an elevated leadership perspective, handling industry panics and meltdowns like a walk in the park, attracting higher quality and more aligned people and projects, the selling and shaping of your legacy in the highest way and in the best hands possible. Most start new businesses in addition to their already wide multitude of successes.


Level 3 focuses on Tantric Sex Power

    • Now that you have learned all the science, the appropriate techniques and practices for your body, the energy body maps, the orgasm mastery, the endless energy, and paths in Tantra to enlightenment, now I simply put everything in order for you and clarify how to have Tantric Sex, and why. We create tantric sex rituals that are natural to you, and identify your Key Tantric Lover Blueprint. Also, integrating everything into real life realistically!


If we started with Level 3, you would know many things, and you would feel successful knowing something so incredible, yet, you would not be able to achieve it or integrate it into real life scenarios.

This is what 99% of programs out there are doing, since literally most are not Tantric Sex experts in any way.

Instead if you study with me, and embark onto my step-by-step approach, you will be set up for success, and see a shift in your experience fast!

You would naturally transform into a Tantric Man and not even realize it, as I will smoothly take you there without any struggles and avoiding all pitfalls that many face.

I am really excited for you, and hope you join me on this incredible journey that has transformed my life, and many others'.


Private Telegram Group

Continuous Anonymous Support

An exclusive, invite-only, private space for those who are currently studying with me, or have in the past. Offering continuous support, and the deepening of your understanding of Tantra, Tantric Spirituality and Tantric Sexuality.

Course Details

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Next Steps

Here is how it works.

Step 1

Email me, and if you are wondering if this course can help you with something specific, let me know. If I think it cannot I will tell you!

Step 2

If I know it can, we will schedule an Introductory Session that will take place online.

Step 3

During the Introductory Session, or shortly thereafter, you may be invited to complete the 3 additional Levels, comprised of 6 sessions/weeks each. Sessions are 1.5 hours each, and best completed on a weekly basis.

We will select a weekly interval that best suits your schedule, and do our best to stick to it every week. It is flexible, yet we like consistency.



Introductory Session

60 mins
1 meeting
$750  |  €700  |  £650

There is always a Waiting List, so reach out to me as soon as you feel a yes, otherwise it can push our time together months away. 

His & Hers Orgasmic Power

90 mins
6 meetings

There is always a Waiting List, so reach out to me as soon as you feel a yes, otherwise it can push our time together months away. 

Executive Mind & Power

90 mins
6 meetings

There is always a Waiting List, so reach out to me as soon as you feel a yes, otherwise it can push our time together months away. 

Tantric Bedroom Mastery

90 mins
6 meetings

There is always a Waiting List, so reach out to me as soon as you feel a yes, otherwise it can push our time together months away. 

Spiritual Reset & Alignment OR
Last All Night Long Mastery
2-Day Online Tantric Immersion

8 hours per day
2 days

This is for you if:

1. You would love a spiritual reset! 2-days of focused spiritual time solely on yourself with me as you guide. The intention is to quiet the mind and deep-dive into your inner guidance. From that point I will introduce you to my systems that allow you to extract your inner core guidance, and properly plan your upcoming future significant goals in full alignment from an inner energized centered stance.


2. Really and actually want to gain the art of non-ejaculation yet still orgasming, with proper practice, and after mindset and physical energy has been mastered in the other 3 Levels.

This type of practice will only now make sense and will take place daily, as a 2-day online immersion, while you have no work or mental pressures, and can dedicate this time to only to your spiritual connection.

Like I said in the first paragraph of this Page, "More on that later, " this is the later. 

There is always a Waiting List, so reach out to me as soon as you feel a yes, otherwise it can push our time together months away. 



Is it office appropriate?

Yes. This training is completely PG focused on tantric meditation practices and spiritual self-understanding. You only need a floor space, and preferably, a yoga mat.

Your burning question: Do I need a partner?

No. To be able to achieve the Ultimate Tantric Experience is the bedroom, what you need is a Tantric Body and a Tantric Mind. Focusing first on yourself in this way holds a different power. I too was trained this way initially, and it has been instrumental in deepening my understanding of Tantra year after year, as opposed to it being a passing trend.

In short, you are definitely not losing out on anything without a partner, and in fact, I do believe it is a better entry point into the craft.

I have a partner. Can I still take this course?

Absolutely, and many have. Since this course is customized down to the last detail, what I do in this case is introduce aspects you can already start to carry over into your bedroom experience, bit-by-bit, in a way that makes sense for you and your partner, and does not start putting pressures on anyone, or forcing them to be who they are not.

Alternatively, even with a partner, we do not have to carry the practices over, and instead, we can keep the spiritual aspects going deeper and deeper just for you. In both cases, you will certainly feel a shift in the bedroom, whether we instrument it on purpose, or not, since your body and mindset will be shifting from day one.

Please keep in mind, this course is focused on the Man, so I will not be guiding your partner online or training her in any way.

Can you train my partner and I together?

Yes. This is one of my favorite things to do. There are options to do this online, or in-person as a Private Couple's Tantric Retreat Immersion. You can select from 1 day, up to a 5-day Immersion. When the time comes for you to go deeper together, contact me and we will review the best options for you to move forward together.

I've never meditated before - when I tried I couldn't do it - I didn't like it - I can't touch my toes?

Shhhhh. I got you.


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