8-Week Online Training

For Loving Couples Everywhere

Chances are if you are reading this, your love is already deep, and you are simply looking to make it more intimate, connected, soulful and spiritually intended. All which drive more pleasure and possibility into your love life.

Also if you are reading this, you are most likely the top 1% of my clients and students and you are invited to go into a deeper experience.

I know many questions arise, and that is why I have created the below 8-Week Online Program to cover all questions and properly guide all sacred sexuality experiences.

I invite you connect with me Online with your Introductory Session to review all desires and possibilities in a realist and profound way.

If you are studying with a Tantric Sex Expert, you can reach sexual heights yet unimagined...and more.

This is for all loving couples, with no discrimination whatsoever.

 Tantra Coach for Men and Couples Training Online Available.

The Bedroom Priestess Experience

Couple's Tantric Ritual Experiences

For loving spiritual couples worldwide, I curate the most creative, feminine, transformational sensual journeys that will touch your hearts, and redefine connection and ecstasy for you both.

After the 2-hour Mini-Ritual Experience has profoundly impacted you, next you will be invited to embark on a Tantric Day and Night Ancient Ritual Journey.

Here you will have the opportunity to engage with one another 3 times a day, and follow the specific pleasure rituals as they were performed in ancient Egypt and India.

Expect maximum eye-opening blissful exploration!

I can be there with you the entire time, or next door, according to your comfort level, yet in all cases this is Not a GFE offering.

I am present to facilitate your closeness and help you discover transcendental dimensions of lovemaking and union.

Whether you are searching for new ways to engage, or rekindling your flames, you will be very happy with what is evoked during your guided experience.

If you are nervous wondering what I am like, I am very cool, fun, deep and relaxed!

My authentic demeanor will envelop you both with an immediate sense of comfort.

I can hold boundaries, help you discover yours, and expand pleasure vibrations like no other.

I aim to help you discover your new sensual and erotic self-identities, and bring you closer than ever before.

Shall we get started? Contact me today!

Couple's Rates

In-Person Experiential Options

Mini Tantric Pleasure Ritual
90 mins
$2,500 €2,500 | £2,000


1 Day Immersive Experience | A Couple's Ecstasy
8-12 hours
$10,000 €9,000 | £7,000


2 Day Immersive Experience | Awaken More Orgasmic Power
8-12 hours/day
$20,000 | €15,000 | £12,000


3 Day Immersive Experience | Master Your Organic Tantric Style
8-12 hours/day
$25,000 €19,000 | £16,000

Sultry & Transformational

Experience days and nights of tantric ritual pleasures. Reserved for the spiritual couple that desires the intense integration of a deep study, deep connection, and crafted Tantric Ritual Practices by a boundary respecting professional. With me as your guide, creating a one-of-a-kind spiritually nourishing and consciousness elevating retreat-style immersion that you will re-ignite your passions into new planes, and stay with you for years to come. This is Not a GFE offering.