My Story

Sacred Feminine Luxury

I must say this is an incredible intersection for us to meet.

As you can see, Tantra is my passion. Yet, I have many.

I am a creative warm-hearted woman - elegant, beautiful, and wrapped in an air of mystery.

Most comment on my amazing smile, sultry green eyes, voice, skin and legs, which I never thought would be my main memorable qualities.

I also have a sense of humor that is funny to most 🙂 and value intellectual stimulation.

With many travel stories and extra vitality to share, I am extremely energizing and fun to be around.

I have lived in 8 countries, love culture, movement, and pleasant intrigue. If you ask me what I cannot live without, it would be music, diversity and mystery.

I have been to the Louvre in Paris, danced until 7 am at the Full Moon Party in Thailand, went whitewater rafting in Nepal, visited the Taj Mahal, lived in Ashrams, and even danced in discos in India, and of course, studied with Enlightened Masters, and dedicated myself to the art and science of Tantra.

With this, I discovered that the sacredness of spiritual sensuality runs through my veins.

For 10 years I explored this intersection during my world travels throughout the East. Tantra became a passion I never thought I would share with another since I was learning it for my own personal self-development and spiritual unfolding.

I studied and lived with awakened male and female teachers, and masters of bioenergy, from the depths of Kashmiri Shivism Tantric Traditions, to the simple yet most potent Village Healers, all the way to my Tibetan Vajrayogini Dakini Initiation, to Egyptian Sacred Sexuality.

Nowadays others claim to have done the same, yet lack strong foundations for each Tantric practice to grow solidly in their awareness and their self-awakening.

The proof is in the pudding, a.k.a, your direct result.

I witnessed things I would have never imagined, and experienced aspects I can barely wrap words around, yet try too in my Blogs since I always love recalling that decade of magic in my life.

I somehow became keenly aware of the Craft behind Tantra. It was almost like it happened overnight, even though in actuality it was a lifetime of preparation.

I began perceiving energy and knowing exactly how to guide another to feel something new. A very fun exploration arose, and so the magic in my life continued to what you see here today.

What is even more special about the way in which I embodied Tantra, is that it never feels mechanical to the other person, like a lesson, or like I am “teaching.” It feels natural and welcomed as a seamless and sensual progression to what is already happening.

I desire to explore this flavor of connection with you, if you are a top gentleman, well-travelled, know how to treat a lady, and possibly do not consider yourself "spiritual."

With that said, there are two key elements that make Tantra “work.” Your relaxed mindset and mutual admiration.

And so, if you enter my space without expectation, and are completely present (which I can help with), you too will be able to access the subtleties and fiery nature of Tantra.

A busy mind, and a stressed body, can never achieve this. Thus, why I now train men online to become Tantric.

So let’s just say, being in the presence of a woman who is just as carefree as she is bold, just as intuitive as she is practical, and just as classy as she is free-spirited, can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

If we are lucky, then, many more.

I look forward to escaping into a land of adventure and pleasure with you.

NYC's Elite Tantra Escort | Upscale Companion | High End Tantric Escort in New York City, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, London, and Worldwide. Tantra Coach for Men Training Online Available.

Our Chemistry

About You

I have a special connection with a certain type of man.

The one craving something deeper, or something different. He can't quite put his finger on it.

If calling it a "next stage" or a "deeper connection" comes close to hitting the mark, I invite you to continue reading, as well as, meeting me.

You are most likely in IT, Finance, or any other industry that requires you to be solid.

You think, act, even stand and sit, differently (yes I pay that much attention). You can handle more stress than the average, and if you are not already the boss, you should be.

You have ultimate integrity, lead the company with a genuine keen interest in those around you, have a difficult time delegating because, yes, you can indeed do it better. Your intelligence is on another level, and equal to your compassion.

You can't be sold too, and struggle finding books, coaches, girlfriends, or even meditation styles that actually work for you and you resonate with.

You can understand everyone, but you are rarely understood.

Well, you have found your oasis.

Tantra gave me tools to understand our unique attraction like a fluent language.

I can easily spot you since you are the first to leave a social gathering because you have better things to do.

You find a natural sense of solace in my presence, because I get you, possibly better than you know yourself, and I love being around you.

You are fun, even creative, and incredibly humorous. Not many get to see this side of you, but I do!

As a refined gentleman, you will feel intrigued, and possibly a bit nervous by my total package, intellect and curves, sexiness and elegance, smile and depth, yet feel completely at ease.

You’ll will see, and you will love every moment in my fun and heavenly presence.

I know what you like, crave, and deserve.

More later. For now, know that I live in Miami, and visit NYC bi-monthly.

It is not uncommon for me to be traveling throughout USA, Europe, India and Singapore, so contact me as soon as I catch your interest.