Your Questions Answered


What is a Tantra GFE?

A Tantra GFE is dating a woman who has a passion for Tantra. She is well versed in the energetic mechanics of the mind and body, and she may or may not share a few of those with you. That depends on your level of desire, and her senses. Please read more about it here.


What is Tantra?

Please read more about What is Tantra on this blog I wrote.

I also made many videos about Tantra here.


I don't know anything about Tantra. Is that okay?

Yes. Tantra is “my thing” and I don’t expect anyone else to know anything about it. Similarly, if you are a pilot. You wouldn’t expect me to know anything about flying a plane. With that said, I am well-rounded, and feel confident we will have much common ground to explore.


Do you offer Tantra Massage?

I am not a massage therapist, I am a Companion, and thus I do not offer Tantra Massage.

On special weekends away, I may be convinced 🙂


Can you teach me Tantra?

Yes. Tantric Man Online Training.


Can you travel to see me?

Absolutely. I thrive on travel and new experiences. Please take a look a my FlyMeToYou rates, as well as the planning logistics so we are on the same page.


Is this your full-time job?

This is not my full-time work - it is my full-time passion. I am a very busy person with a multitude of ambitious goals and a full social calendar.


What is your alcohol and drug policy?


I would appreciate you showing up without any substances including alcohol in your system, as I feel it limits our ability to genuinely connect.

Although I appreciate the kind gesture, please do not bring a bottle of wine or champagne to our date.

If drugs (including cannabis), alcohol, or an altered state of any kind is noticed, sensed, seen or smelled, our meeting will come to an instant end and no refunds will be provided.

If we are on vacation or a long extended evening and dinner, you are welcomed to enjoy a glass or two.


Are your pictures really you?

All pictures on my website and social media accounts, with the exception of one or two photos on Blog Posts, are real, authentic, recent and of me. It is difficult to find images for blogs!


Is screening necessary?

Yes. For my safety so that I feel 100% confident in meeting.


How do deposits work?

Like magic! Everything you need to know to make a wonderful date happen is here.


How long have you been studying Tantra?

Since 2009 in India.


What can I expect?

You tell me! Do you know what you can expect from any first date? What can I expect from you? If you know how to treat a lady, and make a great first impression, I can guarantee we will enjoy getting to know one another and have great time. Please take a look at my Reviews for a more robust idea.


Where would you like to go for dinner?

Overall, I am vegan and prefer that cuisine. However, as long as the restaurant has organic, high-quality, or farm-to-table ingredients, I can modify and have a great time with you with lots of banter and laughter!


How can I make the best impression?

Be yourself, stay present and relaxed, as I will really enjoy getting to know who you truly are.

Before we get together, follow my lead when emailing, and the verification and deposit process. This keeps everything swift, and will actually make a meeting happen.

Besides that, thoughtful gifts will always set you apart and melt my heart. Naturally I will want to see more of you because I will feel appreciated.