What to Expect

Your Recommended Mindset

For gentlemen that specifically want a Tantric experience, keep in mind, like any field of expertise, one cannot learn in a few hours what another has mastered in a decade.

With that said, is difficult to say what can or will happen the first time we meet, meaning how much real Tantra you can learn or experience, since I do not yet know you and what you bring to the table.

Once upon a time I would say, if you have a meditation background, or martial arts or an athletic background, you’d soak up Tantra faster, but honestly, I’ve seen people with zero experience in anything spiritual or otherwise, jump to step 100 in our first meeting.

We all wish to know exactly what will happen before it happens, however that is not reality, nor intimacy, nor exciting, and that is not the space of openness I hold.

Connecting moment to moment, feeling and unfolding the true chemistry present between us that day, is the type of suspense I live for and crave.

I can guarantee everyone leaves my space happier than before, smiling and looking forward to meeting again.

With that said, I can say with expert time-tested confidence, if you come equipped with two things: 1. a still mind, and 2. a feminine-honoring perspective, it is a recipe for magic.

I can help with the first, stilling your mind. The latter is what I hope you already embody as a gentleman.

To still your mind, I have many techniques up my sleeve that assist in shutting off your left brain, which is typically overworked, stressed, calculative, and goal-oriented, preventing one from entering a state of flow, pleasure, presence, and fluidity, which is found in the right brain.

I aim to get you into your right brain, and from there enjoying a memorable and even profound time.

Going even beyond this right brain frequency, is the deeper level found only in my Bedroom Priestess™ offering and Tantric Man Online Training.

There I can guarantee you’ll learn the things you’ve read in books or heard others talk about.

Explore how this can be accomplished here.

What To Expect From Me

I approach every experience in life with, “I am going to have a great time,” and so I would love for you to embody the same attitude and atmosphere when meeting me.

Expect to be greeted with smiles, laughter, and good vibes.

Expect light make-up, no perfume, punctuality, and attractive attire that blends into the environment.

No one will suspect our secret. They will just notice their envy especially sense I’ll be naturally into you.

Note that I find intellectual and physical stimulation equally important, and so it is my hope that you appreciate my external qualities as much as my internal depth.

I select my suitors carefully and not in a plentiful light. 

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