Tantric Man Online

A deep dive into:

  • Sexual Energy
  • Self-Awakening and
  • Erotic Styles of Enlightenment…
  • For consciousness expansion’s sake.
This training is extremely popular and effective. There is always a Waiting List. Get in touch with me for an Intro Session. Then if you wish to continue for a full 6-week Level, I have 1 Spot Available Only starting mid-January. Contact here.

You can now learn all the strong foundations of Tantra Online!

I know what you are thinking, “Don’t I need a partner?” LOL! Doesn’t everyone.

To be able to achieve the most ULTIMATE Tantric Experience is the bedroom, what you need is a Tantric Body and a Tantric Mind…and hopefully a Tantric Partner one day soon!

Focusing on yourself first in this way, holds a different, and just as potent power, as training in-person with me.

In short, you are definitely NOT losing out on anything. 

You are finally getting an expert trainer that TOTALLY gets YOU!

I was trained this way too initially, and I feel this has been INSTRUMENTAL in me getting so good at what I do. It has been 10 years fellas.

Bring everything you heard and learned about Tantra…and I will walk you down this Path for as long as you allow it.


Virtual Session Options

$500 | €450 | £400 – 60 mins – Intro Session

$2,750 | €2,500 | £2,250 – 75 mins each – 6 Sessions – Level 1 | His & Hers Orgasmic Power

$3,000 | €2,750 | £2,500 – 90 mins each – 6 Sessions – Level 2 |  Executive Mind & Power

$4,000 | €3,500 | £3,250 – 90 mins each – 6 Sessions – Level 3 |  Tantric Bedroom Mastery


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