Elite Lovemaking® sacred sexuality training



Jul 18 | 9am – 8pm | Women’s 8 Orgasm Edition

Aug 22 | 9am – 8pm | Men’s Full Body Orgasm Edition

  • No nudity or partner switching
  • Limited to 3 couples



This is in-depth, classical, energy-based, Tantra training. Offering down-to-earth spirituality and high-end discretion for all loving couples regardless of gender, gender identity, and sexual preference. As a 10 year Tantrika, Elite Lovemaking® shares my most core-distilled secrets, that are beyond the books, beyond the schools, and proven effective and applicable across all bodies and minds. As an expert group facilitator, I create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone and every issue, kink, preference, or personal concern.  Each Elite Lovemaking® Ritual will be different from the next, and build upon the other, keeping things fresh, interesting and enticing as you dive into a completely new range of pleasure and soul.



Your intimate time is solely yours, and clothes stay on. I am hands-off in the process, and not an observer of your intimate time together. In both cases, in-person and online, I set the stage, give the Tantra Technique, ritual or exploration for you to enjoy…and smile and say “Bye!” This is how I set up your evening with immense pleasure. Your will love experiencing sacred sex, and thirst for more and deeper tantric exploration as your entire body and nervous system begins to build the “muscle” to feel more orgasmic energy throughout the entire body, and your relationships becomes closer than ever before. There is never any nudity in Group Sessions when we are all together.



I am aware we are living in an era where everyone has their own interpretation of Tantra, and so, it can be challenging to determine which Tantra school, or style, is best suited for you, let alone who to trust that won’t cause more problems in your life, and solely has your best interest in mind. A trainer that is clear and in control of the freedom and power of their own sexuality, is what I feel is needed and so I am that way. Basically someone that truly aims to enhance your self-development as an individual, and as a couple. My focus is purely on the energy body, consciousness expansion, and pleasure…otherwise known as, self-sovereignty and personal power. It is not on sexology or various styles of massage.


Like I always say, if you want to experience Tantric Sex, you need to bring a new mind and a new body into the bedroom.

Consider this total body, mind and bedroom transformation for the soul. That is what we are doing, and I will show you how to translate and integrate everything you learn and feel about your energy body, into your physical bedroom realm…and I am hands-off in the process!



For a decade as a Tantra Coach, I have been the secret force behind music producers, stage performers, professional athletes, authors, and various C-level officers across almost every industry. I have seen the results energetic methods yield every time, and that’s why I know I can make transformational promises.


My aim is not to give you smoke and mirrors about Tantric Sex. It is to make you Tantric…and Tantrics automatically have Tantric Sex.

In short, if you want to experience this style of deeper intimacy, you must bring a different mind and a different body into the bedroom! That IS what we are doing here in a legit and long-lasting way. Making this deep shift is my intention here, and you will feel the difference from our first session. Training with me is potent and life-changing. Sessions can be experienced via ongoing in-person or online Ritual Dates, or Elite Lovemaking® in-person private and small group training.



My luxurious experiences will shut off your brain, make you think with your hands, and introduce a left-brain approach to sex. You will anchor everyday Tantric practices, and ancient sacred tools and techniques for soulful, pleasure-filled, next-stage, bedroom experiences. Each time we meet you get to learn and experience something new, and add onto your Tantric knowledge. We will focus on accessing the power of a combination of chakras, so you can really realize what this chakra hype and mystery is all about, in a way that is not written in books. For you if you want to…

  • Explore New Ranges of Pleasure
  • Deepen Your Orgasmic Power
  • Experience More Closeness With Your Partner
  • Re-energize & Re-candle Your Appetite
  • Have Difficultly Finding “Us” Time.
  • Your Kids Have Left For College
  • Have Been Wanting To Explore Sacred Sexuality
  • Wish To Re-Invent Yourself and/or Your Life From The Inside Out
  • Take Your Relationship, Personal Growth, & Sexual Exploration To The Next Stage.




I will guide you step-by-step towards the most spiritually erotic experiences of your life. 

  1. Feel Deeper Intimacy
  2. Orgasm Your Brains Out
  3. Discover & Anchor Your Own Personal Sacred Lover Archetype
  4. Have An Ancient Sacred Yogic Routine To Harness Your Orgasmic Power
  5. Learn Tantra Not From A Book, But From A Deep Oral Tradition That Makes Sense
  6. Understand Sexual Energy, How It Relates To You Personally & Globally
  7. Be Able To Create Sacred Sexuality Soulful Environments On The Fly
  8. Make Sure Your Partner Always Walks Feeling Sexy & Empowered
  9. Have A Complete Guide Sacred Sexuality Inside and Out From A to Z
  10. Live Your Fantasy


ELITE LOVEMAKING® – Spiritual Sex Technology Modules

The life-changing couples experience you’ve been looking for.

  • Experience Erotic Rituals
  • Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy
  • How to Switch the Vibe to Sacred
  • Lasting Endurance Techniques
  • Heightened Orgasm Techniques
  • What Is Sexual Energy Anyways
  • Helping Your Partner Extend Orgasm
  • How To Harness Sexual Energy and Why
  • The Pros, Cons, and Truths of Non-Ejaculating Techniques
  • Be Initiated In The Path Of Worship (Steps 1 & 2 of Elite Lovemaking®)
  • Have A Heads Up On The Way Your Business Life Will Change Starting Tomorrow
  • Get Lots of Homework 🙂
  • Have Sex 3 Times A Day


ELITE LOVEMAKING® – Orgasmic Power Blueprints Modules

Discover and embody your most authentic sexual and spiritual expression in the bedroom.

  • Sex Magic Rituals
  • The 8 Ways A Woman Can Orgasm
  • Erogenous Zones & Tantric Erogenous Zones
  • Access The Tantric Orgasm for Spiritual Awakening
  • Alchemical Techniques For Your 2nd and 3rd Chakra
  • THE #1 Technique That Extends Lovemaking Up To 4 hours
  • The Energetic Necessity of Sacred Sexuality That Books Don’t Tell You!
  • Techniques and Cues To Help One Another Last Longer and Build Orgasmic Power
  • 3 Techniques That Help You Master Control And Make You Go All Night Long!
  • How To Leverage All This Newfound Power Into The Boardroom
  • Steps 3 & 4 of Elite Lovemaking®
  • Have Lots of Homework 🙂


ELITE LOVEMAKING® LEVEL 3 – Tantric Mastery Map Modules

Be fully sexually confident, fully comfortable in your body, fully commune with spirit, have unshakable ability to be present, embody YOUR definition of sacredness.

  • Sacred Liquids
  • The Sacred Female Form
  • Reach Transcendental States Through Lovemaking
  • Pitfalls On The Way To A Sacred Sexuality Practice
  • 5 Sexual Positions that Keep You In Charge of Your Seed
  • How to Practically Apply Tantric Techniques During Sex
  • How To Make Sure Nothing Is Or Feels Mechanical
  • The #1 Secret To Making Your Relationship Last
  • How All This Fits and Effects Real Life
  • How To Explain It To Others
  • Have The Complete 6 Step-By-Step Guide for Integrating Spirituality Into The Bedroom
  • Steps 5 & 6 of Elite Lovemaking®
  • Have Lots of Homework 🙂



Couples of all bodies and sexual orientations, preferences and identities, that require the highest discretion and someone they can trust, and for some reason are deeply drawn to learning Tantra but don’t know exactly why, or have studied and practiced various aspects of Tantra in the past and have had either positive or not so positive experiences.


My qualifications and quality of work are made obvious on every page of this website. I am certified, empowered, and experienced in this field and as a coach for almost a decade.

  1. While many Tantra trainings lack depth, real life-measurable transformation, and real-life practical integration, mine don’t.
  2. Most Tantra teachers have had one Tantric partner, or a couple more, have had the most mind-blowing experiences, then feel qualified to teach after being with only a handful of individuals…when truth is, everybody is completely different to work with. I, on the other hand, have had loads more experience, across all people, cultures, bodies, training, belief systems – I even had a boyfriend who said, “I don’t believe in energy” then 10 minutes later had a full body tantric energy orgasm.
  3. I have learned were the Tantra schools have failed with untruths and dogmas, from my own experiences because I created my own worldwide classroom. A few key trainings that Tantra schools subscribe too, I have found absolutely untrue when it comes to real-world application, and those are the same untruths that get people very stuck, serve as a pitfall, and do damage to sexual confidence. Thus, another benefit of learning from me is that I do not ascribe to any school or have a need to please any teacher.
  4. My only allegiance is to the person or people in the room with me and their specific needs and goals, and I am not concerned in passing down another book, or creating a space of “Spiritualism”.
  5. It is very rare to find grounded, spiritual, embodied, real-world practical teachers…so I am glad you are here!


“The 8 Orgasms you explained where the hottest thing I have ever heard!” Oregon

“I’ve never felt anything like this in my entire life. Last night I tried the technique you showed us. I felt something so powerful at the end of it I almost passed out. I had to sit down and then I had to lay down. I was sitting here having heartgasm and my whole body was quivering. I feel so much energy inside of me, something I’ve never felt before in my entire life.” 

I am feeling increased confidence already, and my sex drive is insane. My husband and I have connected more deeply this week than we have in years. I am healing and it’s beautiful!

“It has been an awesome experience. I’ve been feeling a huge difference in my life. I can concentrate more at work, I am more productive, new work is easier to obtain, and long-standing projects go more smoothly and with less bumps. I am aware of my body and how I am treating it. My relationship with my girlfriend has deepened and opened in so many ways. Your teachings inspired a renewed recognition of the divine in every aspect of my life. Class has been a blessing.”

I had to write immediately and tell you that I had a full body orgasm today. I have been practicing the exercises and I have had some crazy crazy CRAZY energy rising. I wanted to thank you for opening this door for me. The teachings have been life changing. I’m feeling limitless after this experience tonight! Thank you.”

“Before experiencing these first few sessions, I was shy, timid and rendered with shame and guilt about sex. Now I feel more free and playful than ever. It has been doing wonders for our bedroom life.”  

“Inspiring, juicy, precious & bright! Thank you for sharing ancient secrets! You truly walk your talk.” Holistic Sex Therapist, Paris, France

“This class has been renewed connection to God/Source.” California

“He’s moving the energy and feeling more comfortable with it. Drinking less coffee and more water and coconut water. He’s expressing himself more openly with me and I with him. The exercises have helped immensely as well, he told me what you recommended to do and not to do. Thank You SO MUCH for your support through the process!” 

“I’ve been able to listen to my intuition more deeply and know the answers to my questions are inside. This has helped me listen better to self.” London, United Kingdom

“I look forward to more meaningful sex!” Melbourne, Australia




IMMERSIONS – 1 day – $2,500 per couple

STAYCATIONS – 2 nights, 3 days – $10,000 per couple


  • 50% deposit required to reserve your spot. Remainder due three weeks before.
  • Deposits are non-refundable, unless of course I cancel on you.
  • Rates above do not reflect your expenses.
  • Cancellation and Etiquette Requirements still apply as noted here here.
  • Excited to make the most amazing experience happen!


I’ve been an International Upscale Tantric Companion since 2017 and catered to every top-level industry imaginable. I understand the discretion needed and required, and I have a reputation I am proud of – dissolving yours, certainly ruins mine. Plus I have this thing inside me that treats everyone with the same goodness, no matter who they are. I cannot be bought or pressured from any direction, you or them, and are overall very karma oriented.


If we haven’t already met, after you are verified, we will meet in-person or online for our first session. From there, you may decide if you’d like to keep learning.


If you are scared to tell your partner about this website or me, trust me, your partner would RUN to this! Let me repeat, would RUN to this! Contact me and I will help you formulate the best way to bring this up to your partner.


Excited to facilitate this transformational experience for you both. It’s going to be amazing!


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