There comes a time in every man’s experience where he wants something more out of intimate encounters, but is not quite sure what that is, what it feels like, or how to get it.

He wants to connect deeper into the experience, but is unsure how to navigate himself to that next stage.

This unsolved mystery, is “my thing”…

…and I’d love to help you experience something new. 

After excelling in the corporate world from a young age while double majoring in college, I was offered the career deal of a lifetime. Instead, I quit everything I no longer resonated with, and I started my own marketing business online, which freed me up to travel the world.

While living in the east, numerous awakened masters and spiritual teachers from the depths of the Highest Yoga Tantra (Annutara Yoga) tradition of Kashmiri Shivism, all the way to my Tibetan Vajrayogini Dakini Initiation, pointed me towards the secrets the body.

Over 10 years of world travel and scientific study of energy, chakras, yoga and Tantra, became my ancient obsession.

I am blessed with a curvy and fit hourglass figure, real from head to toe, and full of wisdom that you will feel from first sight.

Helping you extract a deeper power and freedom from within is my favorite pastime.

An experience with me will raise you to new levels of ecstasy and self-mastery.

There is a warning however. Once you experience a more sacred rhythm, you will not want anything else.

It is the addiction that elevates your body, life and soul.

Can’t wait to meet you.

With total love,

Tashizelle Monroe
Elite Tantric Escort | All around down-to-earth chick | Initiatress


*Booking 2-3 days in advance will ensure our time together


I recently moved from London to New York, and will be in Manhattan most of 2018. Looking forward to meeting you and building a deep and meaningful connection.

*Booking 2-3 days in advance will ensure our time together

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